No. 11

Once again our kitchens have happily played host to Quorn, along with their delightful invited bloggers and long-standing Ambassadors.


Under the organisational guide of Reprise Media, we tailored a menu that would best showcase Quorn’s meat substitutes; Pulled Quorn with pink coleslaw and Green Thai Quorn Curry being amongst the dishes created on the night.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.56.29


The night aimed to bring Quorn into the kitchen and show that it really is an easy to use freezer staple item for everyone; not just vegetarians.

Their rage is growing by the day – it now includes deli items, ready meals and picnic bits!

When you compare Quorn’s health benefits and low fat content, vs. it’s meat alternatives…making the switch really does seem like an obvious lifestyle choice!