Pret a Manger with Allegra McEvedy

No. 10

Just last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Allegra Mcevedy into our kitchens.

We all know her as the chef, author, presenter and culinary adventurer from TV; you may also know her to be one of the founding members of the restaurant chain Leon (which we love).  Not only was she downright incredible in the kitchen; planing the day meticulously and directing the running of things effortlessly (can you tell she’s our favourite yet?)…but she also brought with her some great happy faces from Pret a Manger‘s office.

The guys were in Kitchen 2 for the day, kicking things off with breakfast and the use of our conference facilities.

Allegra then demonstrated a couple of dishes and invited the Pret a Mangers to divide into teams and try their own hand at cooking up a recipe each.

I can attest to everything looking and smelling just incredible, and it was a real pleasure to host such a bustling yet well organised day of food.